How To Find EV Charging Stations In Norway

Norway is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to electric vehicles, and over half of all newly registered cars have been EVs in the last few years. You will see plenty of Teslas all over when you visit Norway, so this is a great opportunity to either drive your EV to Norway, or rent an EV when looking for a rental car.

The best way to find EV charging stations in Norway is to use the Ladestasjoner interactive map or their app, which lets you browse for an EV charger in your area. The service is free of charge and is updated very frequently, so it has pretty much all charger stations on it.

Tesla EV charger station
A Tesla EV charger. Photo published with permission.

Norway is generally very adapted at having enough EV chargers, and it’s not going to be a problem when you visit the southern part of the country. You will generally find less EV chargers in northern Norway, but the charging systems are frequent enough that you can easily use an EV in northern Norway as well.

How to pay for EV charging in Norway

Finding an EV charger in Norway is pretty easy, but paying for it is actually a bit of a hassle – especially the first time. The reason for this is because there’s about 10 different companies that provides the charging stations, and you typically need to either make an account or download an app to use their chargers.

You can usually scan a QR code at the charger to get taken to the correct website or app to pay for charging the electric car, but if you want to make it as easy as hassle free as possible, consider downloading the apps and registering as a user on the biggest charging companies.

The most common EV charger companies in Norway are:

In addition to all these privately owned charging stations, there are also some publicly owned EV charging stations. While Norway does provide a lot of free goods and services, free charging of your EV is not one of them, so you still need to pay.

Most public charging stations require you to pay with a banking card, and most only accept RFID cards (banking cards with a micro chip). An RFID bank card is going to be very useful in Norway, and not only for charging your EV, but also for paying in stores, so I advise you to get one of these before you travel.

EV charger
A charger for electric cars (EV). Photo published with permission.

Other EV charging stations that are not on the map

Most EVs come with their own charger that can be plugged into any electrical outlet, which allows you to charger your vehicle at pretty much any point. This is great to know when you stay at hotels or places like that, because these usually offer free charging for guests who stay the night.

Some hotels even have their own charging stations that only guests can use, while others just allow you to charge from a regular socket. It is pretty common to be allowed to charge your EV free of charge when you pay for the hotel room, but some might take a fee for it.

Places like government buildings, universities and places like that also typically have a charging station, but this is usually reserved for guests or people who are working there.

Most car rental companies offer electric cars

Electric vehicles are very common in Norway, and they are just as common when it comes to car rental companies. Most car rental companies will have a variety of different EVs that you can rent, including small cars that are perfect for a couple, station wagons that are perfect for families who want to visit Norway, or large vans that are suited for moving or bringing a lot of stuff with you.

If you want to try driving an EV, the opportunity to do so when visiting Norway is great!

Frequently asked questions about EV charging stations in Norway

Will I have trouble finding enough EV charging stations in Norway?

You will not have much trouble finding enough EV charging stations to get by in Norway, and these are pretty frequent along all major roads. There is a fast charging station every 50 km along any major road at the bare minimum.

How many charging stations are there in Norway?

There are currently over 16,000 EV charging stations in Norway.

Are EV charging stations free in Norway?

Charging stations are generally not free in Norway, unless it’s only offered to clients, guests that stay or are visiting a certain place.

Why are there so many EVs in Norway?

The popularity of EVs in Norway mostly has to do with the fact that cars who drive using fossil fuels are extremely taxed. This makes all the EVs much more affordable then regular cars, so if you are to buy a new car, you get a much better car for your money if you choose an EV instead for a fossil fueled car.

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