Exploring Stegastein: A Must-Visit Attraction in Norway

Stegastein viewpoint is a big viewing platform that gives you a great view of Aurlandsfjorden, a part of Sognefjorden. It’s located 650 meters above the fjord, and is one of the very best places to get a great view of the majestic Norwegian fjords.

As you can imagine, Stegastein is one of the areas in Norway that is most photographed. It is hugely popular for both foreign tourists and Norwegians who want to see and photograph the fjord below, and I urge anyone who has the chance to stop at Stegastein during the visit to Norway.

Stegastein view point
Stegastein view point provides a great view down to Sognefjorden. Photo published with permission.

What makes Stegastein viewpoint worth visiting

The best and really only reason to visit Stegastein is to get the insane look down towards the fjord below. It’s simply of the very best places to get such as breathtaking view of the fjords, and anyone who wants to experience this beautiful view point should stop by.

Another good reason to stop by Stegastein view point is that it’s very close to the main road between Oslo and Bergen (E16 route), and it’s only a 10 minute extra drive by car. This makes it great for stopping to stretch your legs while also being in one of the most Instagram-friendly places in all of Norway.

It’s free of charge to visit Stegastein.

A fun little thing about Stegastein is that there’s a public toilet there with a view down to the fjords. This is said to be the public toilet with the best view in the world! And don’t worry – it’s not possible to look in to the toilet from the outside.

Stegastein viewpoint
Stegastein viewpoint. Photo published with permission.

How to get to Stegastein viewpoint

It’s fairly easy to get to Stegastein viewpoint, both by rental car and by public transport, and it’s just off the main road between Oslo and Bergen. Let’s take a closer look at your options of getting to Stegastein!

Get to Stegastein by car

Stegastein viewpoint is close to the town called Flåm, and fairly close to the town called Lærdal. To get to Stegastein viewpoint by car, drive along E16. From Oslo, follow E16 west, and as you probably can guess, follow E16 east from Bergen.

When you get to Aurland, follow the signs towards Stegastein. It’s very easy to get there by car, and the viewpoint is only 10 – 13 minutes from the main E16 road, so it’s nice to stop by while driving past. There is a parking lot just a few meters away from the viewpoint, so you don’t have to hike to get there.

Total travel time by car from:

  • Flåm: 24 minutes.
  • Lærdal: 45 minutes.
  • Oslo: 5 hours.
  • Bergen: 3 hours.

PS. the road up from Aurland to the Stegastein viewpoint is considered pretty difficult, and has many narrow places where you might end up meeting a tour bus. It is a common place for cars to bump into each other, so make sure you are refreshed and ready for this ride.

Get to Stegastein by bus

To get to Stegastein by bus, your best bet is to book a bus ticket for any bus that rides on the E16. There are plenty of these, and both VY and Nor-Way has lines that stops at Aurland.

There are shuttle buses from both Flåm and Aurland during the summer. Aurland is a popular stop for any bus that travels along E16, so just depart at Aurland and catch a 10 minute shuttle bus to the viewpoint.

You could also book a guided bus tour from Bergen. There are plenty of buses who offer tour guides on the west coast of Norway, and many of these have Stegastein as a stop along the way.

Below are some amazing guided yours to Stegastein view point:

Get to Stegastein by train

To get to Stegastein by train, ride the Flåmsbana train from Voss to Flåm, then catch a shuttle bus from Flåm to the viewpoint. This train ride is extremely scenic and worth a ride by itself.

Flåm. Photo by Richard Mortel / CC BY 2.0.

To get to Voss (to ride the Flåmsbana), just catch the main train that goes between Oslo and Bergen. Depart at Voss and change to Flåmsbana.

When to visit Stegastein viewpoint

You can visit Stegastein all year round, but it’s most popular during the summer months. This is the time when the sun is up all day long, the weather is (usually) great, and also the time when most people are sightseeing in Norway. Stegastein is usually very crowded during the summer months, so if you want to see it without too many people around, try visiting at the off-season.

If you want to visit during winter, the only option to get to Stegastein is from Lærdal. The road from Flåm is closed, so you will need to drive along E16 to get there. The public toilets will also be closed during the winter season. The positive to visiting at this off-season is that there are fewer people, fewer cars and fewer tour buses that makes it rather difficult car ride up there even more difficult.

My opinion is that Stegastein is worth a visit at any time of the year, so if you’re close, stop by it!

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