Getting A Tattoo In Norway (All Your Questions Answered!)

A tattoo from your visit to Norway can be a great way to immortalize the trip by inking your skin, but before you head to a tattoo parlor there’s some things you might want to know. What’s getting a tattoo in Norway like, how much does it cost, and it is considered safe?

Getting a tattoo in Norway is as safe as it will get, and there are strict regulations regarding the health and safety. Tattooing in Norway can be a bit on the expensive side compared to other countries, but the skill level is generally pretty high.

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Thinking of getting a tattoo while in Norway? Photo published with permission.

So the short summary is that it’s considered as safe as it can be, and you usually get a pretty good tattoo, even though it will cost you quite a lot compared to if you get it in a less developed country or a country with lower wages.

We will look a bit closer at the details of getting a tattoo when you visit Norway in the rest of the article, leaving you prepared for everything you need to know about getting inked in Norway.

How much does a tattoo cost in Norway?

Tattoos in Norway are pretty expensive, and the reason for this is both the equipment and salary of the tattoo artist. You can expect to pay anywhere in the range of 1000 to 1500 NOK per hour they work on your skin.

It is often common to have a minimum price of around 1500 NOK for even smaller pieces, so be prepared to shell out if you want your tattoo. But you can actually get a pretty decent-sized tattoo in a few hours if you don’t have too much complexity to it.

It might be possible to get cheaper prices if you get tattooed from an apprentice or make a deal with the tattoo artist. Some tattoo artists enjoy making deals where you do things like give them more freedom to be creative, try a new technique or other things that might benefit their career.

Where should you get inked in Norway?

There are tattoo parlors all over Norway, and most cities have at least one or two studios where you can get a tattoo. I would personally advice you to research the artist before you get a tattoo, especially if you want something unique instead of a “stock tattoo”.

Oslo has several good tattoo parlors, and Invictus Tattoo, Attitude Tattoo, and 1969 Tattoo are usually considered to be the 3 best tattoo parlors in Oslo.

Some tattoo parlors might require you to book your appointment beforehand, and some artists even have long waiting lists. Other places allow for drop-in appointments, so you can just pop in and see if they are available.

Tattoo artist

Does the tattoo artists have any education?

There is no requirement for a formal education to be a tattoo artist in Norway, and most tattoo artists are actually just people who have learned to tattoo either themselves or as an apprentice.

It is common for Norwegian tattoo artists to take on apprentices that they teach in the trade, but there is nothing formal that regulates this.

This does theoretically also open up for anyone to buy and operate a tattoo parlor in Norway, which means that you should check out their work before you get inked by a tattoo artist.

Common questions and answers about getting a tattoo in Norway

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in Norway?

There is no legal age requirement for getting a tattoo in Norway, but most tattoo parlors requires you to be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo.

Why are tattoo so expensive in Norway?

Tattoos tend to be on the expensive side in Norway, and this has to do with both the salary of the tattoo artists (salaries in general are high in Norway), as well as all the strict regulations. A lot of the tattoo equipment must be thrown away after being used on a client, and this is pretty expensive.

How much do you tip the tattoo artist?

Nothing! You are not expected to, and should not leave a tip. Pay the agreed-upon price.

Do you have to speak Norwegian to be able to get a tattoo?

Most tattoo artists are well-versed in English, so you should not have to speak or understand Norwegian to get a tattoo in Norway.

Will tattoos be a problem at job interviews in Norway?

Norwegians are pretty relaxed when it comes to tattoos, so they should not cause that much of a problem if you are applying for jobs. That said, you will probably be judged on the type of tattoos, so don’t have any visible, offensive tattoos.

How strict are the laws and regulations about health in tattoo parlors?

There are laws that regulate everything that has to do with health and safety when it comes to tattooing, and these are regulated by “NS-EN 17169 Tatovering – Sikker og hygienisk praksis“. This requires everyone who tattoos someone to follow pretty strict guidelines to prevent diseases or health hazards when tattooing.

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    • Hi, James.

      Yes, there are many tattoo removal services in Norway. Tattoo removal is handled by healthcare clinics though, not by tattoo parlors themselves. It’s generally pretty expensive to get a tattoo removal in Norway.

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    • Hi, James.

      To book a tattoo appointment in advance, get directly in touch with the tattoo parlor or artist you want to get a tattoo from. Most of them are available on social media or by phone.

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    • Hi, Theodora.

      There are plenty of places to get brow tattoos or microblading in Norway, but this is typically done from a beauty saloon and not a tattoo parlor.

      No, there are no formal educations or certifications needed to perform these things either. However, there are lots of companies that offer classes and courses for both of those things, so you should aim to find someone who has attended one of these if you are looking to get brow tattoos or microblading done in Norway. Most of these classes offer diplomas and proof of passing the exam. But there’s no formal rules as to what these classes and courses contain.

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