All Norway Locations From Succession S4E5

The fifth episode of season 4 of Succession takes the Roy family to Norway where they experience the dramatic Norwegian nature during the episode. The episode showcases some of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway, as well as some very interesting places, and we’re going to take a closer look at exactly where these places are in real life Norway.

So keep reading if want to experience the scenes from the retreat in Succession (or at least imitate it), or if the sights from the episode has peaked your interest in visiting Norway.

PS. This post will include some minor show spoilers!

Succession's 4th season is partly filmed in Norway. ©HBO.
Succession’s 4th season is partly filmed in Norway. ©HBO.

Where in Norway Succession S4 E5 was filmed

The entire episode of Succession was filmed in the Møre og Romsdal county on the western coast of Norway. This area is known for its incredible fjords, majestic mountains and amazing nature. It’s a popular destination for international tourists, and some of the sights from the episode are considered to be among the top tourist attractions in all of Norway.

The actual locations are as much as 3 hours apart (by car, not helicopters), and are close to the cities of Molde, Kristiansund and Ålesund.

That said, let’s take a more detailed look at all the different locations that were shown in the episode.

Location 1) The Romsdals Gondola and Nesaksla mountain top

The Romsdals Gondola (Romsdalsgondolen in Norwegian) is a gondola lift going from the small city Åndalsnes to the top of the mountain Nesaksla. It’s by far the most used scene for the entire episode, featuring both the gondola itself, the mountain top, as well as the restaurant at the mountain top.

The view from the mountain peak is just incredible, and the gondola is unsurprisingly a very popular tourist attraction. The Romsdal Gondola provides some of the very best views in the entire area, and transports over 100,000 tourists to the mountain top yearly.

The actors from Succession at top of Nesakla. Screenshot from "Succession, season 4, episode 5; "Kill List". © HBO.
The actors from Succession at top of Nesakla. Screenshot from “Succession, season 4, episode 5; “Kill List”. © HBO.

It was only in 2021 that the Romsdalen Gondola first began operating, after a long and heated debate about its construction. Some people really loved the idea of getting tourists to the top of the Nesaksla mountain, while others believed that it was an unnecessary construction in an otherwise pristine natural area.

The episode of Succession featured multiple scenes from the top of Nesaksla mountain, and the restaurant at the mountain top was used as a base for filming much of the episode.

You don’t have to be a billionaire like the Roys to ride the Romsdalen Gondola, but expect to pay around 500 Norwegian kroner ($50 USD) to get to the top and back down again. The prices at the restaurants on top are also pretty normal, but keep in mind that price levels of restaurants in Norway are very high compared to most countries.

Where The Gondola and Nesakla is featured in Succession: Both the gondola, the restaurant at the top of the mountain and scenes from the mountain top at Nesakla can be seen in the shots where Roman and Kendall negotiates with Matsson.

Romsdalen Gondola (Romsdalsgondolen).
Romsdalen Gondola (Romsdalsgondolen). Photo by Romsdalen.AS / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Location 2) Juvet Landscape Hotel

Juvet Landscape Hotel is prominently featured in the Succession episode that takes places in Norway, and this hotel has in fact been known as one of the most interesting hotels in Norway since its official opening.

If you’re into movies, then you’ve probably already remember Juvet Landscape Hotel from the 2015 movie Ex Machina, where most of the movie was filmed inside the hotel. The actual cabin used in Ex Machina is not used in Succession, but they are all part of the same hotel area.

Juvet Landscape Hotel. Screenshot from "Succession, season 4, episode 5; "Kill List". © HBO.
Juvet Landscape Hotel. Screenshot from “Succession, season 4, episode 5; “Kill List”. © HBO.

Anyway, the hotel consists of multiple “rooms” that are actually cabins that you can rent and stay the night. Not only do all the rooms come with incredible and unique designs, but the view from the rooms out into nature is just breathtaking!

I really urge everyone to check out Ex Machina for a view at the other cabin rooms, because it’s just something special.

You don’t need to be a billionaire to stay at Juvet Landscape Hotel, but it’s also far from cheap. Expect to shell out 6,400 NOK (roughly $650 USD) for a couple to stay at one of the rooms for a single night.

Where Juvet Landscape Hotel is featured in Succession: Juvet Landscape Hotel is featured prominently for many of the scenes showing the retreat. You can see the actual rooms when Roman and Kendall are in their rooms, as well as another cabin when Shiv and Matsson meets later in the night.

Juvet Landscape Hotel. Photo by: Fredrik Linge / CC BY-SA 2.0.
Juvet Landscape Hotel. Photo by: Fredrik Linge / CC BY-SA 2.0.

The hotel is just a short ride away from the Geiranger fjord, one of Norway’s many fjords that are on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. If you’re looking for a unique place to stay while on your dream holiday in the fjord region of Norway, then Juvet Landscape Hotel is one of the best options there is.

Geirangerfjorden is the most well-known fjord in Norway. Photo published with permission.

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Location 3) Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlantic Ocean Road is known to be one of the most scenic roads in Norway (along with the Trollstigen hairpin road, which will will look at below), and this road has already been featured in multiple international movies and TV series.

This scenic ride really shows some of Norway’s most incredible coastal views, so it should not come as a surprise that it was featured on the episode of Succession.

The Atlantic Ocean Road itself goes between the towns called Vevang and Kårvåg, and can be seen for tourists who are driving between Molde and Kristiansund.

The road itself is open to anyone with a car, and even offers spots where you can park your car for a short while to just gaze at the incredible ocean view.

Where the Atlantic Ocean Road is featured in Succession: We get a few glimpses at the Atlantic Ocean Road when the Roys first arrive in Norway, and are in their cars heading for the retreat.

Atlantic Ocean Road.
Atlantic Ocean Road.

Location 4) Trollstigen hairpin road

Trollstigen is absolutely one of Norway’s most dramatic roads, with 9 different hairpin turns to take you up or down the steep mountain side. The road is one of Norway’s official tourism roads, and brings in over 1 million tourists yearly!

The main attraction is obviously driving up or down the hairpin road, but there’s also an incredible viewing deck on the top that gives you an amazing view down at the traffic below.

If you’re up for a physical challenge, consider renting a bike to ride up the 9 % average incline! Or if you’re just like most people, enjoy the road from your car or a bus seat.

We’ve already written a full guide to visiting Trollstigen in Norway, so check that out for more info and more photos of the road.

Where Trollstigen is featured in Succession: Trollstigen is also featured for a few seconds while the Roys are in their cars and heading towards the retreat just after arriving in Norway.

Trollstigen. Photo published with permission.

It’s important to keep in mind that Trollstigen is only open during the summer season, as it will be completely covered in snow in the winter. In fact, there was so much snow there in 2022 that the visitor center gave in to the pressure, but it has since been renovated and opened again.

Trollstigen visitor center
Trollstigen visitor center. Photo by Rob Stoeltje / CC BY 2.0.

Location 5) Gudbrandsjuvet in Valldal

The Roy family from Succession also visits Gudbrandsjuvet in the Valldal area during the episode, which is a beautiful gorge that is known for its incredible nature. The gorge itself is very close to the Juvet Landscape Hotel, which was used as the base when filming in Gudbrandsjuvet.


Gudbrandsjuvet is a popular tourist attraction that, and most tourists who visit use the boardwalk to experience the nature without having to go on a real hike down in the gorge area.

Where Gudbrandsjuvet is featured in Succession: Gudbrandsjuvet is seen when all the people from both firms mingle at the outdoor party in the evening.

Gudbrandsjuvet. Screenshot from "Succession, season 4, episode 5; "Kill List". © HBO.
Gudbrandsjuvet. Screenshot from “Succession, season 4, episode 5; “Kill List”. © HBO.

Location 6) Molde Airport Årø

Molde Airport Årø is seen for a second or two when their plane lands in Norway. The airport itself is not really seen, but you do get a small glimpse of the landing stripe.

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