How To Get From Ålesund Airport To The City Center

Ålesund airport, called Vigra, is a rather big airport located about 17 kilometers away from the main city of Ålesund. This makes it impossible to get to Ålesund city without a type of transportation, so let’s take a close look at how to get from Ålesund airport Vigra to Ålesund city.

The easiest and most used method of getting from Ålesund airport Vigra to Ålesund is to ride the Airport Express (Flybussen). This costs around 100 NOK and departs every 30 – 60 minutes from the airport. The bus is in Ålesund about 20 minutes later.

Catching Flybussen is by far the easiest method, but there are a few other options for when you arrive at night, or just don’t want to ride this bus.

Ålesund airport
Ålesund airport. Photo by Algkalv / CC BY 3.0.

How to get from Ålesund airport Vigra to the city by bus

You only really have one option want to ride the bus from Vigra to Ålesund, and that’s to catch the airport express. This bus line is called Flybussen in Norwegian, and it will depart from just outside the main exit from the airport.

Each adult ticket cost around 100 NOK, and children are a bit cheaper. The bus line has a few stops along the way, but takes you to Ålesund in about 20 minutes. You can book tickets to Flybussen in advance to save a bit of money and be guaranteed a seat (it’s very uncommon for it to be completely full though).

The bus leaves from just outside the main exit at the airport, so it’s very easy to find it. And since there are very few other buses, it’s super easy to find the correct bus.

There used to be other bus lines between the airport and Ålesund, but as of 2022, only Flybussen operates the line.

Ålesund. Photo published with permission.

Riding a taxi from Ålesund airport to the main city center of Ålesund

You can choose to ride a taxi to Ålesund if you want, but be aware that taxis are very expensive in Norway. That said, you will usually find at least one taxi waiting outside the main airport exit, so just get in this and tell the driver that you are going to Ålesund.

Expect the ride to cost you around 300 – 400 NOK. It should take around 15 – 20 minutes, so you won’t really save much time compared to riding Flybussen, but riding a taxi can still be a great option if you are going to an address a bit far away from the bus stop.

There are currently two different taxi companies that operate in Ålesund; Norgestaxi (08000) and Ålesund taxi (70 10 30 00). You can call in advance to make sure that they have a taxi waiting for you, or just drop in to one when arriving.

Car rentals at Ålesund airport

Ålesund airport has several different car rental agencies on the premise, so you can easily grab a rental car from the airport. I would advise you to book one in advance since it can take a little while to get the car ready, so you save a bit of money and some time by booking the car rental online in advance.

Some of the rental agencies that operate at Ålesund airport are Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, and Sixt. All of these car outlets at the airport, and are typically open between 08.00 and 23.00.

Ålesund 2
Ålesund. Photo published with permission.

The drive from the airport to Ålesund

It’s very easy to drive from Ålesund airport to Ålesund. Head south on Rv658, and follow that road for about 15 minutes until you get to a big crossing. Head right / west where the signs will be towards Ålesund, and drive for about 2 minutes until you are in the city center.

There will be sings towards Ålesund all the way from the airport, so it’s a super easy drive. Unfortunately most of it will be in tunnels under the water, so you don’t really get a nice view. Below’s a map with more details on the route.

Can you walk from Vigra to Ålesund?

I guess you can technically walk from Ålesund airport Vigra to Ålesund city if you feel like it, but it’s going to be a bit of a hassle. Firstly prepare for 2 hours of walking. Secondly, you need to ride a ferry from Veldrehaugstranda in to Ålesund.

The reason why you need to ride the ferry is because the airport is on an island. The main road is connected by tunnels, but you will not be able to walk in the tunnels, so this leaves you with the option to ride the ferry.

This ferry will cost about the same as a ticket on the Airport Express bus, so you won’t save any money by walking.

That said, doing this walk in the summer months can be a nice experience, so feel free to do it if you don’t have too heavy luggage. The road is not really made with pedestrians in mind, so be prepared to walk on uneven terrain for most of the journey.

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  1. Just a thought. I am coming into Alesund and will ride the bus into what I assume will be the City Center. I am not sure where the City Center is located to get an idea where the walk is to my hotel. You may wish to show where the bus drops off in town. Thanks Paul Peterson

    • Hi, Paul.

      Thanks for the feedback. The airport bus has multiple stops inside Ålesund (including at the main city center), so you might want to look at the list of stops to see if any of the other stops are closer to your hotel.

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