How To Store Items At Train Station Lockers In Norway

Riding aboard one of Norway’s trains are the most scenic and interesting way to get around in the country, and are frequently used by hikers and others who are traveling in Norway.

Many popular tourist towns are easily reachable by train, and this makes for a perfect opportunity to depart the train to get a few hours of exploring before getting back on to the next train to reach your final destination.

This allows you to do things like spend a few hours at Finse, Geilo or Voss when traveling between Oslo and Bergen, without having to book a place to stay for the night. But what are you going to do with your luggage while you’re exploring these places for the day?

Pretty much all Norwegain train stations have a number of storage boxes available to rent for passengers who want to store their luggage. Just put in your luggage, pay with a Visa or Mastercard, then explore the town while your luggage is completely safe and waiting for you to return.

Nesbyen train station
Nesbyen train station. Photo by NIcklas Iversen /

These storage boxes work by allowing you to rent any available storage box for up to 7 days at a time (but you can choose less time). You lock the box, pay with a credit card or debit card right at the box, then your luggage will be completely safe until you retrieve it.

PS. make sure you have a banking card with either Visa or Mastercard, because those are the two operators that works most frequently in Norway.

Now you can go and explore the town without carrying along everything you own on your back, and can pick it back up just before getting back on the train.

The prices for storage boxes at train stations in Norway varies from station to station, but they are generally between 60 and 110 NOK per 24 hours. So it’s not exactly cheap if you’re going to need a big storage box for an entire week.

Finse train station
Finse train station.

Most Norwegian train stations will have at least a few storage boxes, and you will definitely find them in big cities like Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim, as well as at popular tourist stops.

How long can you keep your items in the train station lockers?

The maximum time period you can have your items stored at the train station lockers are 7 days.

If you want to keep them for longer, you can ask the staff at the train station to help you out. Some people have told me that they have been able to do this, while others say that they refuse.

So you are not guaranteed to be able to get an increased time period, but it’s worth a shot. It seem to depend on the station you are at, and the mood of the staff at the station. Some stations are also unmanned except for when there is currently a train there.

Alternatively you can return at one point, then open the storage, then seal it up. This gives you a fresh 7 day time period from the time you seal it the second time.

View from a train in Norway

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