Is It Worth Paying For Vy Pluss? All You Need To Know!

Bergensbanen Hallingskeid - Finse cc

Whenever you are riding the train with Vy in Norway, you have several different ticket options. One of these option is the Vy Pluss option, a premium ticket that gives you several benefits when riding the train. Vy Pluss is currently available on Bergensbanen between Oslo and Bergen. But is it really worth paying extra … Read more

How to Buy Train Tickets in Norway

Trains arriving at Bergen central station

Ordering train tickets in Norway is usually very simple, as most trains are run by one company: VY.  To buy train tickets, you can visit or download the VY-app from an app store. From there you will need to insert your traveling info, choose your preferred departure and seating, and pay for your ticket … Read more