Amazing Puffin Safari: How To See Puffins In Norway In 2022

A group of puffins

Arctic puffins (Fratercula arctica) are one of the most characteristic sea birds in Norway, and seeing these birds in their natural habitat makes for a great nature experience. Many people mistake the puffins for penguins, but they are in fact not. You can see breeding nests for puffins all along the coast of Norway, but … Read more

How To Get To Senja

Incredible mountains on Senja

The island Senja in northern Norway is considered to be one of the best places to visit if you are after incredible nature experiences and places that make for amazing Instagram shots. Tall mountains that falls steeply into the fjords, lush nature, and incredible beaches are just a few of the things you will experience … Read more

Galdhøpiggen Hiking Guide (Multiple Hiking Options + Tips)

Cabin at top of Galdhøpiggen cc

Galdhøpiggen is Norway’s highest mountain with the top being 2,469 meters above sea level. Despite being the very tallest mountain in all of Northern Europe, it’s not that difficult to ascent, and most people are able to hike to the top of Galdhøpiggen. So make sure to read the Galdhøpiggen travel guide if you are … Read more

Where to See Viking Ships in Norway (All Authentic Viking Ships Found)

Osebergskipet in the Viking Ship Museum

Seeing a real viking ship from a thousand year ago is something special, and a few viking ships have been preserved and are somewhat available to the public. There are viking ships found in both Norway, Denmark and Germany, but the Norwegian viking ships are considered to be one of the best ones to see … Read more